Why You Should Visit TeamLab Planets in Toyosu, Tokyo: 5 Compelling Reasons


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit TeamLab Planets in Tokyo, Japan

1. Instagrammable

TeamLab Planets offers a plethora of stunning visual moments that are perfect for capturing memorable photographs. From the ethereal Floating Universe of Flowers to the immersive Universe of Water Particles, you’ll find countless Instagram-worthy shots.

2. Affordable

The admission fee for TeamLab Planets is reasonable, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors. The all-inclusive experience covers access to all the installations, providing excellent value for the price paid.

3. Family Friendly Activity

TeamLab Planets appeals to visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for families, couples, or solo travelers. Children and adults alike can marvel at the immersive installations and engage in playful interactions.

4. Very Accessible Location

TeamLab Planets is conveniently located in Tokyo, making it easily accessible for both domestic and international visitors. It’s situated near public transportation, allowing for easy inclusion in your itinerary when exploring the vibrant city.

5. Unique Cultural Art

The digital art installations at TeamLab Planets blend Japanese aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, creating a unique and mesmerizing experience. It captures the essence of nature and provides an enchanting multisensory sensation.

Some Things You Should Know Prior to Your Visit to TeamLab Planets

  • You will be barefoot.
  • All of your things will be left at the free locker storage area – you can only bring your phone.
  • Water levels can rise up to knee height for adults. Bringing a change of clothes for your child is recommended.
  • There is water in certain areas, so bringing a change of clothes for children is advisable.
  • In case visitors get their clothes wet, they may be asked to change. Towels are available for rent to help dry wet clothes before proceeding to the next artwork.
  • The water area is not for swimming purposes.
  • In certain areas with mirror surfaces, be mindful of potential reflections of underwear if wearing a skirt or wide-hemmed pants.
  • Shorts may be rented for free in various sizes.
  • The site features areas with strong stimulating lights and dark areas.
  • For safety purposes, never let go of your child’s hand.
  • There are detour routes for visitors, including those with disabilities or children, who wish to skip certain artworks.
  • Visitors with infants may enter with a (front) baby carrier.
  • Diaper tables are available in the bathrooms, and there is a first aid room for breastfeeding or resting.
  • During rush hours, long-time visitors may be asked to proceed forward by staff.

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