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Leanne and Lyle McCabe: A Love Story Filled with Travel and Adventure

Leanne and Lyle McCabe’s love story began with a coffee date, but it turned into so much more. Their journey together includes a second marriage, a travel podcast, and unforgettable adventures around the world. Travel has played a significant role in shaping their lives as a couple, and they can’t imagine it any other way.

A Last-Ditch Coffee Date that Changed Everything

Leanne and Lyle were both ready to give up on online dating when they agreed to one final date with each other. Little did they know that this date would mark the beginning of a beautiful love story. They have been inseparable for the past eight years, and they cherish the incredible memories they have created together.

A Late Discovery of the Joys of Travel

Although both Leanne and Lyle had a late start when it came to travel, they quickly fell in love with it. Leanne embarked on her first international trip in her 40s, while Lyle didn’t experience the magic of travel until later in his life. They both agree that they would have started traveling earlier if they had known how much joy it brings.

Traveling Together: A Shared Adventure

Leanne wonders how different her life would be if she hadn’t met Lyle. She believes that traveling together has enhanced their experiences and made it even more enjoyable. Leanne and Lyle love sharing moments and creating memories together, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

A New Lease of Life Unleashed

Their first trip together opened up a new lease of life for Leanne and Lyle. They made significant changes in their lives to prioritize travel and spent more time with their children and grandchildren. Travel became an integral part of their journey as a couple, and they haven’t looked back since.

From Blogging to Podcasting

Leanne always had a passion for travel writing but struggled to find the motivation to maintain a blog. However, her love for listening to podcasts inspired her to start her own. Leanne and Lyle decided to document their post-50s travels through their podcast, Beach Travel Wine, sharing stories, tips, and information with fellow travel enthusiasts.

Adding Depth and Colour to Their Travels

With over 70 episodes and counting, their podcast has become a significant source of satisfaction for Leanne and Lyle. They put a lot of effort into researching their destinations and creating detailed episodes that capture the essence of their travels. The podcast has enriched their experiences and deepened their connection with each other and the places they visit.

Sharing the Magic of Travel with the World

Leanne and Lyle believe in the power of shared experiences. Through their podcast, they aim to share the magic they encounter while traveling with the world. They hope to inspire others to embrace the joy of travel, regardless of their life stage. Exploring new places and engaging with different cultures is a rewarding and enriching experience.

Embrace Your Comfort Zone

Leanne and Lyle understand that not everyone may feel comfortable traveling overseas, and that’s perfectly fine. They encourage people to explore their own backyards and discover the beauty and uniqueness of their own surroundings. Traveling is about connecting with others and experiencing the diversity of our world, whether near or far.

Planning the Next Adventure

Although Leanne and Lyle have just returned from a trip to Italy, their minds are already on their next adventure. They are considering exploring Turkey with an Intrepid tour, as they had a fantastic experience traveling with a small group. No matter where they go, as long as they are together, they know they will have an incredible time.

Leanne and Lyle McCabe’s travel podcast, Beach Travel Wine, is a testament to their love for exploration and their desire to share their adventures with others. Join them on their journeys and discover your own small group adventure with Intrepid.

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