Top Bungy Jumping Locations in New Zealand


New Zealand is a haven for adventure enthusiasts, and one activity that stands out above the rest is bungy jumping. Nowhere else in the world offers as many bungee jumping locations as New Zealand.

The commercialization of bungy jumping began in Queenstown by AJ Hackett, who established the first commercial bungy jump site at the Kawarau Suspension Bridge. If you ever want to take a leap of faith, this is the place to do it. AJ Hackett has dominated the bungee jumping market in New Zealand and rightfully so, as they are the originals.

Now you might be wondering about the spelling of bungy and bungee. In New Zealand, it is spelled bungy jumping, but since most people know it as bungee jumping, I’ll be using both terms in this post. I aim to please everyone because, hey, I’m Canadian!

Bungy jumping is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and if you’re going to try it anywhere, New Zealand is the place to do it.

One of the pioneers of bungy jumping in New Zealand is AJ Hackett, with its headquarters in Queenstown. They offer three different bungee jumping sites and even options for gorge swinging.

The Nevis is the highest bungee jump in New Zealand, formerly the highest in the world. It may have lost that title to China, but it still offers an exhilarating experience. The journey to the jump is part of the thrill, with a 40-minute drive from Queenstown followed by a steep and winding access road. Once you reach the turn-off, the journey continues up a private mountain access road. To add to the terror, you have to take a cable car out to the center of the gorge before taking the leap from another cable car high above the river.

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump, located just outside of Queenstown, is the original bungy jump in New Zealand. Though it is lower, it is no less thrilling. You’ll have the opportunity to dip your head in the river below as you jump off the 43-meter drop. If the bungy jump is too much for you, they also offer a less terrifying zipride.

The Ledge, temporarily closed at the moment, is situated above Queenstown and offers breathtaking views. You can take a Skyline Gondola up the mountain and then take a leap of faith over the edge. It’s up to you how you want to jump off the 47-meter drop – upside down, backward, or straight on. The Ledge offers pure freestyle bungy jumping.

The Nevis Swing, also located at the same site as the Nevis Bungy, allows you to swing in a 300-meter arc. You can do it alone or in tandem with a friend and even choose which way to fall – forward, backward, or upside down.

Taupo Bungy, located on Lake Taupo, offers a 47-meter drop over the water. You have the option to dip your head in the water and can even do it in tandem with a friend. Additionally, there is the Taupo Swing available.

Auckland Bridge Bungy offers a 40-meter jump from a bungy pod under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. You can do a solo or tandem jump and have the option to do an ocean touch. If the bungy jump is too much, they also offer a relaxing bridge walk.

Auckland SkyJump allows you to stand tall over downtown Auckland on the Auckland Sky Tower, the city’s most recognizable landmark. Plunge from the highest building in New Zealand for 11 seconds of pure adrenaline. It’s a controlled jump with speeds reaching 85km/h.

Hanmer Hot Springs, 90 minutes from Christchurch, offers a smaller jump of 35 meters over the Waiau River. You can choose between an ankle harness or full-body jump.

Rotorua Bungy, located in Rotorua, provides a 43-meter jump from a tower surrounded by stunning landscapes and geothermal wonders, offering a rich cultural and visually stunning experience.

Velocity Valley Swoop in Rotorua catapults visitors into the air for a thrilling swing reaching speeds of up to 130km/h. It offers a unique blend of adrenaline, speed, and scenic views.

These are just a few of the bungy jumping experiences available in New Zealand. Each location offers its own unique thrills and stunning backdrops. If you’re an adventure junkie, New Zealand is the ultimate destination for bungy jumping.

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