Updated 2023: Finding the Best Accommodations for Your Trip to Edinburgh


Where to Stay in Edinburgh: A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods and Accommodations

1. Where to Stay in the Old Town

Best places to stay in the Old Town:

  • BUDGET: Castle Rock
  • MIDRANGE: Stay Central Hotel
  • LUXURY: Cheval Old Town Chambers

2. Where to Stay in the New Town

Best places to stay in the New Town:

  • BUDGET: Haystack Hostel
  • MIDRANGE: Yotel
  • LUXURY: Gleneagles Townhouse

3. Where to Stay in the Southside/University

Best places to stay in the Southside/University:

  • BUDGET: Argyle Backpackers
  • MIDRANGE: The Salisbury Hotel
  • LUXURY: Prestonfield House

Edinburgh is a fabulous city with its stunning views, historic sites, and cozy atmosphere. It is small and easily walkable, making it convenient for travelers. When choosing where to stay, it is best to consider the three main neighborhoods: the Old Town, the New Town, and the Southside/University. Each neighborhood has its own charm and offers a range of accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences.

The Old Town is the main center of the city and is where most tourists stay. It offers easy access to the main tourist sites, historic streets, and lively bars and restaurants. Recommended accommodations in the Old Town include Castle Rock for budget travelers, Stay Central Hotel for midrange options, and Cheval Old Town Chambers for luxury seekers.

The New Town, built on the outside of the castle area, is the more modern part of the city. It offers neatly laid-out streets, shopping opportunities, and more affordable accommodations. Haystack Hostel is a budget-friendly option, Yotel is a comfortable midrange choice, and Gleneagles Townhouse provides a luxurious stay.

The Southside/University area, located close to the historic center, has a more local vibe and offers a range of cheap restaurants and pubs. It is also near Arthur’s Seat, a famous lookout. For budget travelers, Argyle Backpackers is a cozy and friendly hostel. The Salisbury Hotel is a great midrange option, and Prestonfield House offers a luxurious retreat.

While there are other neighborhoods with accommodations in Edinburgh, it is recommended to stay within these three areas as they offer the best proximity to the city’s attractions. Exploring farther neighborhoods may result in spending more time and money on transportation.

When planning your trip to Edinburgh, consider these neighborhoods and select the one that suits your plans and preferences. No matter where you choose to stay, Edinburgh’s beauty and charm will surely leave you enchanted.

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