Go Behind the Scenes Exclusively with Singapore Airlines, Airbus, British Airways, and More in the New Season of Airplane Mode


If you love planes, you’ll love these six aviation stories

Story 1: Behind the Scenes of Singapore Airlines’ First Class Experience

Discover how Singapore Airlines creates a world-class first-class experience, from their multi-million dollar lounge investment to their rigorous staff training.

Story 2: British Airways’ Famous Afternoon Tea in the Sky

Join us on a journey to learn how British Airways creates their renowned onboard afternoon tea, starting from their bakeries to the first-class training program.

Story 3: The Incredible Beluga Aircraft that Transports Airbus Wings

Step inside the colossal Airbus facility in Wales and witness the process of transporting Airbus wings using the giant Beluga jets.

Story 4: Barra Airport in Scotland: When the Runway Disappears Twice a Day

Experience the unique operations of Barra Airport, where the runway disappears during high tide, and learn how Loganair manages daily flights to the island.

Story 5: How Icelandair Delivers Fresh Icelandic Fish to the US

Follow the journey of Icelandic fish, from the cold seas to the dinner plates in Boston, and discover how Icelandair ensures freshness during the delivery process.

Story 6: The Future of Aviation: Wisk’s Pilotless Electric Air Taxi

Get exclusive access to witness the cutting-edge technology of Wisk’s pilotless air taxi, capable of vertical takeoff and landing, during a test flight in Silicon Valley.

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