Dubai’s Top Affordable Eateries: An Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Most Reasonably Priced Restaurants

Travelers who are real gourmets can find several amazing cuisines to taste in Dubai, from delicious street food to elegant high dining. Though you may have heard of things like golden burrata, gold-dusted burgers, and Otoro Crystal toast, there are other, less extravagant options available if you are looking for a big supper.

Restaurants in Dubai provide top-notch cuisine, from low-key sushi bars to upscale French icons, prepared by skilled chefs. Dubai has one of the best food scenes in the world, with both exciting local restaurants and well-known Michelin-starred places.

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai's Most Reasonably Priced Restaurants
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When in Dubai, if you are on a budget and looking for a delicious meal, check out these restaurants, where you can satiate your appetite at an affordable price.

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1. Al Ustad Special Kebab

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai's Most Reasonably Priced Restaurants
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One of Dubai’s oldest restaurants, this little eatery serves traditional Iranian food. It’s the ideal place to visit while touring the city’s old center because it’s close to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. The place is known for its prompt service and unusual décor, which has a touch of old-world charm. The kebabs are delicious and just melt in your mouth, and the saffron-spiced rice combined with meat, yogurt-marinated, is a delight worth sharing.

2. Allo Beirut

This little food stand on Hessa Street is famous among locals and foreigners. It serves some of the best shawarma in Dubai. If you want to taste the best Lebanese food, this is the best spot to have delicious meals like Allo Beirut, shawarma, ful medames, and Francisco sandwiches at affordable prices.

3. Bu Qtair

This well-known restaurant offers delectably fresh fish with an ultra-casual ambiance next to the charming Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour. You can find a few specialties, like hot fish curry, BBQ shrimp, and daily fried fish to order at the modest counter. The staff at the restaurant serves piping hot food at the table after you place your order. You can enjoy the magnificent views of Burj Al Arab at the Sunset Beach nearby.

4. Bosnian House

For those who want to have real Bosnian food, this traditional restaurant is one of the places in Dubai. Bosnian kebabs or ćevapi are a mainstay of the menu. They are small rolls of mincemeat that are charcoal-grilled and served with ajvar sauce, which is aubergine roasted red pepper, and Bosnian bread.

A comfortable atmosphere is created by the restaurant’s authentic Balkan décor and the staff’s traditional attire. You can stop by this restaurant for a quick bite and relax for some time, especially after a long trip.

5. The Meating Room

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai's Most Reasonably Priced Restaurants
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An outstanding BBQ restaurant, the Meating Room is known for flavourful Indian dishes and is located in Motor City’s Neighbourhood Food Hall. It is a one-stop and no-frills eatery for delicious food offered at reasonable prices.

You cannot avoid tasting the hot prawn’s sizzle, marinated with sambal and roasted peppers, and the colorful melt-in-mouth lamb chops served with a tzatziki dip. There are a few must-try dishes like lamb adana kebab wrap and Bihari chicken tikka, highlights of the place.

6. Calicut Paragon

This Indian eatery draws a huge crowd every evening because of its flavourful curries and affordable rates. The Calicut Paragon offers delicious Keralite dishes in Dubai for an affordable price and is located smack in the middle of the “Curry Corridor” of Bur Dubai, Karama, and Satwa.

Though you can find customary side orders like delectable cheese-stuffed mushrooms and fritters or fried pakoras, the seafood usually takes the stage. Taste the zesty mango fish curry, the spicy crab masala, and the whole pomfret with a special spice rub. The ideal way to wrap up your dinner will be with a cup of aromatic saffron or zafrani tea.

7. High Joint

Both meat eaters and vegetarians adore this adorable, tiny Al Safa cheap burger business. The Halloumi Katsu High or King Shroom are excellent options if you are a vegetarian. The chicken burgers, particularly the Smokey variety, are also well-liked. There are not many seats available, so plan your visit to this hotspot carefully.

8. JJ Chicken

Everybody loves grilled chicken, and JJ Chicken, a well-known brand, has locations throughout Dubai. No matter where you are, you can count on delicious, tender, barbecued chicken to arrive at your door hot and fresh. Other than different portions of chicken platters in a variety of marinades, you can also find combo meals.

9. Tapa King

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai's Most Reasonably Priced Restaurants
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Are you in search of some flavourful Filipino food? Then, you should visit Dubai’s Tapa King. A Filipino restaurant, it serves a variety of meals from across the nation. This speciality fast-casual restaurant maintains the traditional Pinoy methods of preparing tapa by using only actual, freshly made ingredients. They offer boneless bangus, chicken lumpia Shanghai, traditional platters, beef brisket soup, sizzling bulalo, prawn gambas, and chicken tocino, which are must-try dishes.

10. Café Isan

If you are looking for authentic Thai food, which is home-cooked, in Dubai, you should visit Café Isan. This restaurant in Jumeirah Lakes Towers serves delectable food and is also among the most reasonably priced options in the area. You are not likely to leave this popular restaurant without eating anything, from hearty soups to zesty curries, and different types of stir-fries.

11. Little Bali

With original flavors and foods, which you may love to experience, this adorable JLT restaurant offers to break your monotonous daily meal routine. They offer a wide variety of food, including meat, seafood, vegetable dishes, and a lot of rice and noodles.

12. Din Tai Fung

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai's Most Reasonably Priced Restaurants
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Din Tai Fung, a Taiwanese restaurant chain, has been a favorite among fans of dumplings for many years at Mall of the Emirates. Their delectable xiao long bao, different variations of noodles, and tasty veggie meals have helped them gain a reputation in Dubai. You can have sumptuous food here before visiting Ski Dubai.

13. Mamaesh

Mamaesh is known for serving manakish at a reasonable price and of the best quality. The chefs here make sure that all of their flatbreads are cooked using only organic flour in a stone oven heated by a wood fire. You can find an original Palestinian za’atar manakish with wholesome flavor at a cheap price. You can find any of their outlets in Dubai, as they have many branches across the city.

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