Sun Princess: Princess Cruises Takes Multigenerational Market by Storm


Welcome aboard, fellow travelers! Get ready for an incredible journey as we introduce Princess Cruises’ latest ship, the Sun Princess. This magnificent vessel will debut in 2024 and combines cutting-edge technology with pure elegance.

Prepare to be amazed as we reveal the secrets of this new jewel in the cruise industry. The Sun Princess is a state-of-the-art ship that will redefine the experience of multigenerational family cruising.

Let us take you through everything you need to know about this maritime marvel. The Sun Princess belongs to Princess Cruises’ newest class, the Sphere class. It will be the first ship in this exciting category, followed by the Star Princess in 2025.

With a tonnage of 175,500 tons and a capacity for 4,300 passengers, the Sun Princess will be Princess’s largest vessel. That’s 640 more passengers than its predecessor, the Discovery Princess.

As with all Princess Cruise Ships, passengers can enjoy spa and fitness center amenities, late-night movies under the stars, swimming in pools or hot tubs, and a bit of luck at the casino. Additionally, the new and exciting Princess Arena theater entertainment area offers captivating shows. The Sun Princess will feature all the favorite activities found on previous ships, such as dance classes, water slides, and a video game arcade, but with even more to offer.

The Sun Princess also provides various itineraries, allowing passengers to embark on exciting adventures and shore excursions in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Now let’s explore the remarkable features of this brand-new technical ship. The Sun Princess has the potential to rival the ships of Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line, making it a legend in its own right. Welcome to a new era in cruising!

One of the standout features of Princess Cruises’ Sphere class ships is the Suite Areas. The Sun Princess offers two distinct options: the Reserve Collection and the Signature Collection. The Reserve Collection provides junior suites in premium locations, a dedicated cabana deck area, and access to a private restaurant and bar. The Signature Collection elevates the luxury experience with larger suites, a private lounge, restaurant, and pool deck.

Dining on the Sun Princess is a delight, with various restaurants to choose from. The opulent main dining room serves a wide range of cuisines, while specialty dining options include a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, and delectable ice cream desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A significant change on the Sun Princess is the relocation of the World Fresh Marketplace to deck nine. This move makes dining more accessible for families and keeps the buffet calmer during busy times.

Unlike other Princess Cruise Ships, Sphere class ships offer more pool space. The Sun Princess features a wake view infinity pool and bar at the aft of the ship. The forward and central dome area includes a sea view terrace with a pool for daytime relaxation and a stage for nighttime shows under the stars.

With two stories, the Lotus Spa offers extended relaxation, while the Sanctuary adult-only area allows parents to unwind while their children enjoy the kids’ clubs.

If you thought the amenities were impressive, wait until you hear about the all-new Park19. Located on decks 19, 20, and 21, Park19 is a multi-generational space designed to bring families together. It features nine exciting activities, including the Sea Breeze, a roll glider that offers panoramic views of the ocean and ports of call.

For those seeking adventure, there’s the Coastal Climb, where guests can ascend through obstacles and take in gorgeous views before sliding back down. The Lookout offers stunning 360º views, while The Net provides a challenging trek above deck 19. The Infinite Horizon allows thrill-seekers to lean out over the side of the ship, and the Hammock Area provides a relaxing spot for families to unwind.

Other features in Park19 include the Splash Zone, offering whimsical water play, a Recreational Court for sports and wellness activities, and a Jogging Track for outdoor exercise.

The Sun Princess also caters to younger guests with dedicated youth and teen centers on decks six and seven. These areas include Firefly Park for younger children and Neon Grove and The Underground for tweens and teens. These spaces feature gaming consoles, sports activities, and organized events like talent shows and dance parties.

To make communication and sharing experiences easier, kids on the Sun Princess can use the OceanCompass shipmate locator and chat feature. This allows them to stay connected and post their adventures on social media via MedallionNet WiFi.

In conclusion, the Sun Princess showcases Princess Cruises’ commitment to providing exceptional experiences for multigenerational travelers. With its range of amenities, activities, and dedicated spaces for different age groups, the Sun Princess ensures that everyone on board can find something enjoyable. Princess Cruises solidifies its position as a leading player in the cruise industry, attracting a wider audience and providing high-quality and inclusive travel experiences.

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